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About Us


Piran is Name of a region in Amed.

The Company was established in 2014 at Ankara. With its experienced staff, it has implemented important projects both before and since its establishment.

It significantly meets the needs in the rapidly growing and constantly updated software world.

  • The Company;
  • Web, mobile and desktop software solutions,
  • SEO management,
  • Digital design,
  • IoT and Artificial Intelligence

conducts the studies.


We develop all our projects cost-effectively and on time..


Browser-friendly web application development


Mobile app development for all platforms.


Enterprise desktop solutions development


Google & social media management

Digital Design

Perfect designs with Photoshop, Illustrator

IoT & AI

We are preparing for the world of the future

Why Choose Us?

We develop professional projects suitable for your needs with current technologies.

Today's technology is rapidly updating and needs are changing rapidly. Experienced and constantly updating teams are needed to keep up with these needs.

Piransoft develops modular projects using up-to-date technology. Thus, it can respond to updates quickly and easily.

The project cost is calculated correctly and we do not offer inflated prices to our customers.

We are aware of that time is critical and important for our customers and partners regardless of their sizes so that our trained support professionals and subject matter experts will guide you through onboarding, utilization and trouble shooting. With our years of in-depth industry domain expertise, we will work with you to learn and understand your specific challenges and needs and help you every step of the way.

30 +


100 +


1200 +

Installation and Support

20 +

Professional Employee

Conquer the digital world with Piransoft

The right address for moving your business to the digital world

Carry your business in your pocket.

We develop mobile applications for your business tracking, accounting, online sales and many other needs. Easily follow your work with a user-friendly interface and up-to-date technology.

We upload the developed applications to play store and app store platforms and provide updates.

Do you want to reach more people?

More customers, more profits. We bring your business to more people with our professional web developers and SEO experts.

We reach new people every day with impressive local and global advertising works.

We strongly manage Google ads, instagram and facebook posts.

We do more impressive SEO work with less cost.

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